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Characteristics and Responsibilities

Members of the Development Team are application area experts that are responsible for delivering backlog items, and managing their own efforts.

They should be cross-functional; being capable of doing the A to Z of the creation of each Product Backlog item. They should be self-organized: find their own way instead of receiving orders. They should be aligned with the goal of the project instead of working blindly. A task might be assigned to a single member throughout the Sprint, but the whole Development Team will be responsible and accountable for that task; no individual owns any task.

The Development Team delivers the final product of the project in step by step Increments, as defined in the Product Backlog. They always work in a product-based way.

It is highly recommended for members of the Development Team to work full-time on a single project, to stay focused and agile. The composition of the Development Team should not change so often. If there is a need to change team members, then this change should not happen during a Sprint. There will be a short-term decrease in productivity when the composition of the team changes.


Scrum is mostly effective when there are 3 to 9 Development Team members. For large projects, we can use a scaled model with multiple Scrum Teams.

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