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At the end of the Sprint, the Scrum Team and other stakeholders gather and hold a meeting to present the “Done” Increment to the customer. The demonstration is intended to collect feedback and raise change requests at the earliest time possible.

We welcome changes in Scrum and encourage them to be demanded, because it increases the satisfaction of the customer and will create a final product that better matches the needs of the customer. This is the basis for adaptation: we use the Increments to understand the needs and plan further, instead of planning everything upfront.

Duration of Sprint Review

The duration of this meeting is normally four hours for a one month Sprint. If the Sprints are shorter then this meeting will be proportionally shorter.


The Development Team does not present an item, unless it is 100% complete based on the Definition of Done. The Product Owner makes sure (before the Scrum Review) that presented items are “Done”. The Development Team demonstrates and explains the items.

The Product Owner discusses the status of the Product Backlog and the likely completion date based on the progress.

Finally, the whole Scrum Team collaborates on revising the Product Backlog based on the output of the Sprint and the feedback received from the customer.

Remember that Sprint Review is not a formal meeting for receiving approval from the customer; it’s an informal meeting, without exchanging signatures, just aimed at receiving feedback and adjusting the Product Backlog.


The output of all teams will be integrated into one product, and that's what we demonstrate to the customer in scaled Scrum.

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