Last modified on 13 October 2016, at 05:07

Product Backlog Refinement


Product Backlog Refinement (or Product Backlog Grooming) is an ongoing activity in Scrum projects. It is the act of reviewing and revising Product Backlog items, which typically involves adding detail, estimates, and order to them. The Product Owner is responsible for ordering (prioritizing) the items and the Development Team is responsible for estimating.


When the Product Owner adds a new item to the Product Backlog, or breaks down an existing item into smaller ones, s/he explains it to the Development Team and asks for estimates. Therefore, everyone knows the meaning of items before the Sprint Planning and the estimates are ready. What happens in the Sprint Planning is that they review those pieces of information, just to make sure that everything is OK.


As opposed to Scrum events, the Product Backlog Refinement is not timeboxed (it doesn't have a maximum duration). it is an ongoing activity that happens throughout the Sprint.

This activity should not consume more than 10% of the time of the Development Team.

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